Aerial Crane Service

Aerial Crane Service

Aerial Crane Service | Chris Of All Trades - Bethany Beach, DE

At Chris of All Trades, we are dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, the bottom line is not associated with the amount of money spent or the time when the project is completed, but whether the lift was performed safely with no injured workers. Moving and transporting large objects can be dangerous especially if performed by inexperienced and untrained individuals. We pride ourselves on professionalism, safety, teamwork and communication.

Communicating with each team member is crucial to the result. Everyone needs to be aware of what each other person’s task is and when each duty is completed in order to move to the next step. The cables have to be hooked up precisely on the crane and on the load that is being lifted. Communication is the key to success. The crew makes sure that your property remains safe, clean, and organized throughout the project, until completion.

Aerial crane service is used mainly for hauling heavy objects or heavy loads. These heavy loads are connected with cable or slings in order to place the heavy objects when no other is available or feasible, or when the job must be completed in awkward or inaccessible areas, such as the top of a building or the top of a mountain or hillside. Most commonly, aerial crane service is used when the object or load is far away from the nearest road. Chris of All Trades specializes in this type of hauling method, putting us at the top of the list in the Bethany Beach area.

Difficult situations call for the best in safety, teamwork and communication. Contact Chris of All Trades for your next project that requires aerial crane service. You won’t be disappointed!